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FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1996 Corey Bearak
(718) 343-6779


In celebration of Jerusalem's 3000th year of existence, the Northeast Queens Jewish Community Council presents "The Jerusalem Experience" Traveling Museum, Sunday, June 2, 1996, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., announced President Corey B. Bearak. The multi-media 3,000 year journey through Jewish history will be on exhibit - one day only - at the Samuel Field YM&YWHA, 58-20 Little Neck Parkway in Little Neck. Co-sponsors of this family oriented event include the Samuel Field/Bay Terrace Center YM&YWHA and area synagogues.

"The Jerusalem experience portray exciting and important events in the history of the Jewish Capital from the days of King David through the modern State of Israel," stated NEQJCC President Bearak. "Six main exhibit areas, each representing a different era of Jewish history, an entrance exhibit, a final exhibit and two interactive computer stations make this multi-media journey through time a must see event." The NEQJCC President praised the committee of lay volunteers chaired by Eugene Levin and the Council and Y staff who worked to bring the museum to northeast Queens.

In conjunction with the main exhibit, the Council and the Y will present early childhood music programs at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m., a singles program and the Aish Torah Discovery program. Donation for admission is $3 per adult and $1 for children under 12. For information, call Sharon Kalker, Director of Jewish Continuity at (718) 225-6750 x278.

"We expect the Jerusalem Experience and its colorful computer graphics will appeal to both children and adults," stated Y Executive Vice President Steve Goodman who made his facility available despite the Y's need to have virtually its entire staff prepare for the summer camp programs. Bearak added: "The NEQJCC appreciates the Y's partnership and support for Council programs and initiatives."

Each of the six main exhibits include a Jewish history timeline and map, a brief introductory video and exhibit pales that graphically explore and bring to life the history, Torah themes and personalities of the time:

Exhibit One: From Creation to Joshua Leading B'nei Yisrael into the Land of Israel provides a context through which to understand the role of Jerusalem in the creation of the world and why Jerusalem is so central to Jewish life.

Exhibit Two: The First Temple depicts the compelling stories of David and Solomon and detail the rituals performed in the rituals and explore how they have transcended time to our present day.

Exhibit Three: Exile and Return describes the First Temple's destruction, the Jewish People's exile, their return 50 years later and the roles of Ezra and Nehemiah in codifying Torah and Jewish life.

Exhibit Four: The Second Temple portray the period from Ptolemy winning control of Jerusalem through the Maccabee revolt, the destruction of the Temple by the Romans and the second exile. It also features the development of the Oral Law and the codification of the Talmud and explores the roles of Bar Kochva and Rabbi Akiva.

Exhibit Five: Jerusalem of the Heart, Soul and Mind details the period from the Byzantines through 1917 and underscores the inspiration of Jerusalem in Torah learning through teachings, commentaries and books still valued and used today.

Exhibit Six: Jerusalem 1917-Today covers the history from the period of the Balfour Declaration to the declaration of the modern State of Israel through the present.

Interactive panels enable participants to engage in hands-on activities that reinforce the context of each exhibit. Refreshments and gifts may be purchased on site. Visitors are also invited to write notes, tfillah or bracha and place them in "cracks" of a videographic Western Wall. Representatives of the Orthodox Union which created the museum, will takes the notes to the Kotel in Jerusalem.

An association of religious, education, fraternal and community organizations, the NEQJCC covers Bay Terrace, Bayside, Bellerose, Douglaston, Floral Park, Glen Oaks, Hollis Hills, Little Neck, New Hyde Park, Oakland Gardens and Queens Village (north). Projects include neighborhood development, fostering intergroup understanding and building a multi-cultural coalition. The Council combats anti-Semitism and all discrimination. The NEQJCC also sponsors forums with major public figures, Jewish Cultural events, open discussions with local Rabbis and represents community concerns. A UJA/Federation agency, the NEQJCC works closely with the Queens Jewish Community Council, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater New York, the Metropolitan New York Coordinating Council on Jewish Poverty and the Samuel Field Y.

The Samuel Field YM-YWHA, a not for profit Jewish agency, provides a comprehensive program of social services and education, recreation and Jewish culture for families, children, teenagers, single parents, adults and seniors, primarily residing in northeast Queens and Great Neck, regardless of race, creed or religion. The Y's commitment to the needs of special populations include quality programs for the mentally retarded. the learning and developmentally disabled, people suffering from dementia and related memory disorders and a mental health service for older adults experiencing emotional and psychological disorders.

The Council and the Y sponsor N'areinu Hebrew High School, a cross denominational, community-based Hebrew High School. The NEQJCC and Y established N'areinu, at the suggestion of NEQJCC Rabbis, under a Jewish continuity grant from UJA-Federation.

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