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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2009 Corey Bearak
(718) 343-6779

Northeast Queens JCC Helps Teen Get Game

[updated 2009-12-08]

With help from a local business and an avid sports fan from Queens, the Northeast Queens Jewish Community Council (NEQJCC) helped grant a young teen her wish.  NEQJCC chair Corey Bearak read the request for tickets to a Yankees game posted by Yisrael Markowitz on the �NYCShuls@yahoogroups.com� listserve  on behalf of a teen facing �emotional turmoil�.  

With the assistance of Al Sirowitz, President of Community Partnership Referrals and Resources (CPRR), Bearak  reached out to Queens resident Jeff Canova, a Sirowitz friend and season ticket holder. 

"Jeff Canova answered the NEQJCC's call promptly and arranged for Markowitz to pick up the tickets for the Tuesday, September 29 Yankees game," stated NEQJCC chair Bearak 

Bearak, who also works as CPRR's Executive Vice President, lauded Canova as �a kind-hearted soul who often makes tickets available for the less-advantaged.�

Below find the text of an email to NEQJCC Chair Bearak from Mr. Markowitz:

Corey B. Bearak

On behalf of the family I would like to thank you & NE Queens JCC for all of your assistance a few days ago in helping with the teen. I had posted that I knew a teen from a divorced home whose family also has a destitute financial situation. This teen is going thru a lot of emotional turmoil due to the divorce. She is a big Yankees fan. Thank you for arranging for her & her mother to see the Yankees last night with tickets donated to the NE Queens JCC. The mother told me that her daughter was happy the whole night. It gave her strength & will help turn around her emotional situation. 


Yisrael Markowitz
[above sent October 1, 2009]

Below find "Thank You"  from the teen's mom's



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